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The technical foundations of Aikido are derived from ancient Samurai jujitsu (grappling) and kenjitsu (sword-work). Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, trained tirelessly in these arts as well as devoted himself to spiritual study and meditation.

This intensive pursuit of mastery and deeper understanding resulted in the awakening to his vision of Budo (martial way) being a path of creation rather than destruction. This was a revolutionary understanding. Rather than a vehicle for domination and violence, the founder saw the heart of Budo as the source of benevolence, fostering the harmonious fulfilment of Life.

Aikido is the culmination of this vision,
the realization of it's goals,
and the living expression of it's ideals.

Because of it’s roots, Aikido is both philosophical and practical in nature. It can be very soft or very hard; circular or direct. ...And very definitely, Aikido is Fun!


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By practicing Aikido you will receive:

  • greater mental and physical fitness
  • stress-relief
  • self-defence skills
  • effective strategies that directly improve your ability to deal with life and it's many challenges.

And you will learn:

  • to develop your ability to harmonize with your surroundings
  • to find your mental and physical centre, allowing you to remain calm in all situations
  • a traditional martial art based on neutralizing the oncoming force rather than fighting the attacker on his terms.

Plus much more:

Aikido is a very dynamic, enjoyable martial art that does not foster violent tendencies and reactions. While learning effective self-defence skills you are also cultivating a clear mind and harmonious spirit. Physically, Aikido is a complete workout, toning, stretching and exercising the entire body from head-to-toe. Students often comment on a “glowing sense of well-being” after class. But Aikido also offers much more than self-defence or exercise. It also stimulates the mind-body connection, developing your sense of movement, balance and mental acuity.

Through it's movements and principles, Aikido offers concepts and strategies that can be directly applied for greater enjoyment, harmony and resiliency in your daily life. As you learn the physical art, you will also be developing your ability to remain centred and calm in situations that may have "thrown" you before. You will cultivate a keen sense of awareness that will serve you both in emergency situations and day-to-day interactions.


  • Traditional Japanese Martial Art
  • 7+ classes per week
  • Individual attention during introduction period
  • Individualized progression through levels
  • Weapons training
  • Direct affiliation with Aikikai Headquarters in Japan
  • Direct lineage to the Founder of Aikido
  • Professional, dedicated facility for training

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