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Chi Gong DVDs


The 5-Element Chi Gong

The 5-Element Chi Gong DVD By Brad SchultzChi Gong means working with your Life-Energy. The 5-Element Chi Gong is an ancient Chinese routine that includes holding postures with gentle movement. It restores strength and balance between the 5 major organs in the body and is highly effective in establishing relaxation, mental clarity and cultivating chi or the Life-Force.

The 5-Elements is a simple routine with a very meditative, soothing and healing quality. It is a wonderful way to start or end your day with a sense of calm and well-being that will permeate your entire being!

$40 + $7 ship/handling


The 8-Pieces of Brocade

The 8-Pieces of Brocade Chi Gong DVD By Brad SchultzThis is an ancient form of movement Chi Gong consisting of a sequence of eight gentle exercises. It is easy to learn, fun to do and takes only ten minutes from start to finish. It is designed to stimulate the major acupuncture meridians, thereby restoring a strong and balanced energy ?ow throughout the body as well as increasing muscular strength, improving balance and flexibility.

The ‘8-Pieces leaves you feeling energized, refreshed and ready to go. This very popular Chi Gong routine is tremendous for dissolving tension and releasing stress from the body while building strength and vitality.

$40 + $7 ship/handling


The Living Flow Chi Gong

The Living Flow Chi Gong DVD By Brad SchultzThe Living Flow Chi Gong is a simple and gentle routine with a very meditative, soothing and healing quality. It offers a wonderful way to start or end your day with a sense of calm and wholeness that will permeate your entire being.

The Living Flow will provide you with the opportunity to cultivate a keen awareness of your energy (chi) and the ability to build and develop it. Through conscious energy-work, you have a simple & direct way of supporting your mind & body's natural tendency toward health, balance and resilience.

This simple and very enjoyable routine can be easily learned and practiced anywhere, requiring only a few minutes a day for a direct and positive influence on your mental, emotional and physical well-being.
Whether you are interested in stress-reduction, physical or emotional healing or deepening self-awareness, this internal exercise system will provide you with the tools and understanding to cultivate greater health, wellness and vitality!

$40 + $7 ship/handling


The 'Yang Flow' Tai Chi Mini-set

The 'Yang Flow' Tai Chi Mini-set DVD By Brad SchultzThe 'Yang Flow' is a short set of Tai Chi derived from the widely practiced original Yang Style Long Form. Through fluid, yet controlled movements, Tai Chi enables you to restore the natural balance of mind and body. As the flowing postures are performed, the internal organs receive a mild massage and the joints are gently stretched. This action releases blocked energy and stress throughout the body and refreshes your mind.

Discover within this set of gentle movements an ability to eliminate tension and restore your health and vitality. The regular practice of Tai Chi is well known to improve chronic conditions, increase strength and stamina and boost the immune system. Being easy to learn, this mini-set is ideal both for beginners and those wishing to add to their Tai Chi experience.

In this DVD, Brad leads you through several warm-up movements that prepares the body and mind for doing the Yang Flow Set. The mini-set itself is then demonstrated four times, first using balance steps, then without, for more advanced practice. Both front and back angles are used to facilitate easier learning and following along.

$40 + $7 ship/handling


Tai Chi Silk Reeling

Silk Reeling" is a foundational Tai Chi exercise that mimics pulling silk from a silk worm's cocoon. This exacting and precise movement creates and develops all the principles and qualities that are within the Internal Art of Tai Chi.

The soft, flowing, yet controlled movements yield many benefits for the mind and body. In particular, Tai Chi Silk Reeling will develop leg/hip strength and flexibility, help with releasing stress and tension as, well as, relieve shoulder stiffness and pain.

This system thoroughly, yet gently, activates and energizes your joints, the "Energy Gates" of the body, triggering a strong overall energy flow, as well as, having a cleansing, purging effect on the lymph glands.

And because Silk Reeling directly stimulates and mobilizes the spine, it can play a major role in overall health and fitness, including boosting the immune system.

Silk Reeling has much value as a stand alone system of exercises and/or as a foundational practice to develop and refine one's level of Tai Chi.

The entire collection of Silk Reeling Exercises can be performed as a thorough mind/body workout, stimulating greater energy flow and building strength. Or individual moves can be practiced for a quick, convenient, stress reliever and energy-boost, re-setting your mind/body system to invigorate the rest of your day.

$45 + $7 ship/handling


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